Starmark releases volume 5 in eTips series: 50 eTIPS. Intelligence. Insights. Innovation.

Jun 27 , 2017

Starmark released Volume 5 in its eTips series: “50 eTIPS: 5 Intelligence. Insights. Innovation.” with friends and clients gathered round for our Starmark Summer Sizzler Party. A compilation of our weekly eTip enewsletters highlighting insights and trends, 50 eTips Volume 5 is a collection of the latest research and cutting-edge marketing technology for today’s marketer.

At Starmark, we believe knowledge is power, and we are proud to do our part to help grow your business by keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in branding, advertising, digital and mobile platforms through our weekly eTip emails. With that said, we’re thrilled to announce the 5th edition, “50 eTips: Intelligence. Insights. Innovation. For 2018 Marketing.” From the latest in Google’s mobile algorithm updates to future trends and forecasts, you’ll hear from from our in-house experts who live and breathe these concepts daily.

“This book enables businesses of all sizes to learn from the full spectrum of Starmark’s experts, from public relations to branding to groundbreaking creative,” said Starmark CEO Peggy Nordeen. “Whether you’re a small business looking to gain market share, or a global brand striving to maximize your reach, this book has something for you.” More than a dozen Starmark practice experts contributed to the book.

50 eTips Volume 5

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