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Arts & Entertainment: Show-Stopping Marketing Success

Driving successful sales and fundraising for arts & entertainment initiatives pose unique challenges, as compared to hospitals, medical research, disaster relief and similar urgent needs. Entertainment and arts are essential: transforming lives, hearts and cultures. But we must convey that transformation in ways personally meaningful to each potential donor or guest. Your deserving mission must inspire action — because it’s too compelling to be ignored.

See how our ENCORE! Marketing campaign brought down the house, surpassing our client’s original goal by 50% and raising $59 million for the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Then view the successful sequel, Encore II, that launched the iconic Parker Playhouse's $25 million fundraising goal. Finally, check out the rockin' brand presence for Greater Fort Lauderdale, as Starmark's Riptide Music Festival activation, took over the beach, winning ADDY gold along the way.

We’re rehearsed and ready to impress: partner with us to inspire record-breaking results.


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