ETIP #222

Create a new marketing channel – literally – with your own branded TV channel

Create a new marketing channel – literally – with your own branded TV channel

Expanding on the idea of on-demand television in 2015, Apple opened its doors to third-party developers on the AppleTV allowing any brand the opportunity to create their own personalized TV channel.

An Apple TV channel is the latest and greatest owned media channel for marketers, we own the programming, content, and all the ads! It’s the perfect platform to deliver consumable video content to your core audiences. Similar to On-Demand television, the viewer interacts with tangible content that resonates with them, making the overall channel experience enjoyable and informative.

Your channel can include live content — there are systems that let you feed right from your phone or events to your channel — video on demand, photo galleries and more. Creating playlists allows brands to target different personas based on interests while separating out non-relevant clutter. Playlists also offer the ability to capture groups of people simultaneously allowing them to collaboratively consume visual media together.

Once your channel is up and running you will want to extend it beyond your initial offerings. Connect to your commerce system allowing for ecommerce, reservations, bookings for whatever you sell. Rollout your channel to other smart TV platforms like Roku.

In the end you will have a new powerful channel as part of your integrated marketing mix.