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In Higher Education, Growth & Innovation Go Hand In Hand

As we all consider what happens online and on campus in the wake of coronavirus, Starmark is developing higher education strategies for success. Get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to share our ideas on "Higher Education Marketing: What's Next?" When students are digital natives — and all of them are — they expect schools to reach out to them where they live, on all online platforms. Like your students and prospects, innovation is in Starmark’s DNA. Starmark has decades of experience helping major colleges, universities and professionals up their digital game. We successfully implemented martech initiatives that encouraged students to Stand Out for Kaplan University, helped Florida International University break fundraising records, and launched an entirely new med school for NSU Florida. We design websites that tell your story, build a social presence that leads the conversation, and create virtual tours that are a close second to being there in person. From enrollment to retention, let’s talk about what’s next.


What Our Clients Say

There's a lot of opportunities to work with a lot of different agencies, but Starmark understands NSU and understands our target audiences. They know how to speak to the students, their parents, and our alumni and donors; that deep knowledge of who we're trying to communicate to makes everything better at the end of the day.

- Brandon Hensler, Executive Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications, Nova Southeastern University

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What is Agile marketing and how can it improve your results?

Agile marketing is a proven, science-based methodology used by top companies around the globe to manage projects more successfully. Agile emphasizes transparency, collaboration, flexibility and continuous improvement.

Benefits gained from working the Agile way?

Lower costs. More business flexibility. Smarter collaboration. Fresher thinking. Greater satisfaction.

At Starmark, we don’t “do” Agile. We are Agile!


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